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by Ned Frear

Butler by Ned Frear

NOTE: This book is a limited reprint and limited availability.

This book is a recounting of the murders that took place at the Beechwood Inn. The book contains newspaper articles, information from the trials, pictures, and more.

This book is dedicated to the friends and relatives of Marguerite Snyder and Mary Deremer. It is also dedicate to the good people of Bedford County, who responded generously to the reward fund, and who still know the difference between right and wrong.

Some parts of the Butler story are well known, and unpleasant. Much as I would like to delete them, they must remain because this book is designed to put the entire story together for the first time. Years from now, those details would be forgotten, and they are important. Every effort has been made to spare the innocent any unnecessary anguish.

Through this narrative, I have inserted `Journal` notes I made as I went. To some degree, the reader will follow this reporter, learning, guessing, waiting, rather than following each event, in strict chronological order.

There is no effort to dramatize, this story needs no added shove towards sensationalism. There have been no liberties taken with the facts.

I am indebted in particular to Sgt. Michael Tokarczyk, `Big Mike,` whose good sense and honesty are beacons in the fog of confusion and compromise about us; and to the clerical majority of my reward committee, Rev. Melvin F. Walper and Fr. Jay R. MacKie, two men of sound judgment; to Sharyn Maust of the Gazette staff, who helped gather material; to the men of the State Police who were helpful, particularly Lt. Vincent Fiorani; to District Attorney Gordon Stroup, who handled a difficult case with his customary excellence; to Judge Richard C. Snyder, who provided the transcripts; to those many others whose names escape my fumbling memory; and to my wife, Lee, who is always there when I need her. Ned Frear

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