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Savage Silver

by Trudie C. Hyre

Savage Silver

`Few people can claim they have a bona fide family legend handed down to them for more than two hundred fifty years but that indeed happened to me. I remember when my father repeated this legend to me as a small child. To this day, the search continues for a satisfactory conclusion to the ageold mystery.` Is the tale of so long ago really true Or is it just a figment of an ancestor`s concocted imagination? This saga will answer these questions and many more, as the reader falls into an untimely adventure filled with heart stopping fear, suspense, and in the end, a dash of sheer delight and jubilation. This is a story filled with intrigue that will engage readers of any age that enjoy a good mystery; the story takes place in Snake Spring, Bedford County, PA. The next time you pass Tony Roy Motors across from Walmart; that is the original home built by Thomas Croyle and where he established his blacksmith shop. The legend took place in the 1700s when the Seneca Indians occupied this area and loved the Croyle family because he married one of them.

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