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Route 30 - Pennsylvania's Haunted Highway

by Ed Kelemen

Route 30 - Pennsylvania's Haunted Highway
                by Ed Kelemen

Meet George Washington or one of his contemporaries at Point State Park in Pittsburgh. Visit a museum built over a relocated graveyard whose occupants refuse to depart. Give a passing nod to Bedford's best haunted bordello. Stop at the Jean Bonnet Inn where folk from the French and Indian and Revolutionary Wars still slake their thirst. Learn how an innkeeper stopped a haunt from staring at his guests through a window. Accept or turn down an offer to drag race a spectral motorcyclist in York. Attend a performance at a haunted theater where massacred Native Americans still plead for their lives. Quench your thirst in Philadelphia at City Tavern. Have lunch with the newlywed bride who perished there 170 years ago when her wedding reception went awry.

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