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The Korea Project

by Henry W. Meetze

The Korea Project by Henry W. Meetze

The purpose of this paper is to document those Bedford County service members who, in response to their country's call to duty, fought and died in an unfamiliar land thousands of miles from home and those who were captured and suffered as prisoners of war under inhuman conditions, but were fortunate to return home alive. The paper describes the likely circumstances of their deaths or capture and what they may have faced in battle regarding the enemy, weather and terrain.

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Additional information about this book:
Extensive use was made of the Internet in obtaining information regarding battles and specific military forces, both United States and Chinese Communist/North Korean. Official data regarding individual homes of record, dates of birth, serial numbers and casualty dates were extracted from online files of the National Archives. Where available, pertinent information regarding an individual's Korean service from published obituaries provided by the Bedford County Historical Society was used. Finally, a website entitled "Korea War Project" begun in 1979 as part of a family history and later expanded over time, was used to obtain additional (unofficial) data on individual casualties and statistics regarding unit casualties by time period and place. Each service member casualty in this paper is highlighted in bold italics.