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Don't You Cry For Me

by Judith Redline Coopey

Don't You Cry For Me by Judith Redline Coopey

Susannah Lander lives with her maiden aunt in south central Pennsylvania where the Civil War is dragging on, and Susannah`s life is at a standstill. Orphaned and abandoned in early childhood, she`s been passed from one household to the next, never really belonging anywhere. But change comes along with the arrival of a circuit riding minister from the South in need of lodging.

Mark Randolph, a Confederate soldier on a scouting assignment behind enemy lines, struggles with doubts about the Confederacy while trying to carry out his duty. Susannah has her doubts about him, but she needs the income, so she puts aside common sense to rent him a room in her stable.

Susannah hates slavery, despises the South and doesn`t mind a good argument, so her sharp tongue and analytical mind combine to discourage any but a prickly and casual relationship. In spite of doubts, fears and misgivings, Susanna elects to follow her heart down a dark and foggy road that leads to who knows where.

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