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Bedford County, Pennsylvania
QuarterSessions - 1771-1801

Compiled and edited by Gerald H. Smith

Bedford County, Pennsylvania Quarter Sessions - 1771-1801
                compiled and edited by Gerald H. Smith

This volume includes abstracts of Docket 1 (1771-1789) and Docket 2 (1771-1801) which both begin with the events at the formation of the country. Docket I begins with case entries and Docket 2 begins with oaths of office and oaths of allegiance. Thus, at the formation of the county, two registers were kept concurrently. The dockets offer insight into history and the times. Oaths of office at the formation of the county reflect the political and religious climate in Britain, while the oaths used after the American Independence have nothing to say about claimants to the British throne or religion. While most of this work abstracts court case information, certain items of historical interest such as these oaths are fully transcribed. Terms and Definitions and a full name index add to the value of this work.

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