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Contents Under Pressure

by Ellen Prentiss Campbell

Contents Under Pressure
                by Ellen Prentiss Campbell

“Contents Under Pressure” is a beautiful story collection by a writer whose wisdom and compassion illuminate every page. Ellen Prentiss Campbell understands how her vividly drawn characters can love and hurt each other simultaneously, and she probes into the recesses of their hearts. Altogether a pleasure to read. says Lynn Sharon Schwartz

Ellen Prentiss Campbell`s “Contents Under Pressure” is an aptly named book, indeed. These stories crackle with tension, delivered in language with the concision and precision of poetry. Never predictable, always insightful, and often breathtakingly acute, Campbell is a writer to watch. says Rose Solari, author of “The Last Girl” (poetry) and “A Secret Woman” (a novel)

The strange and the unexpected play powerful roles in Ellen Prentiss Campbell`s haunting stories of transformation. The characters` dilemmas, a foundering marriage, a child`s death, a father`s madness, are not so much resolved at the story`s end as they are given surprising new forms. In one, an amazing tour de force, a young woman drawn to the underwater world is transformed into a mermaid. Campbell`s precise, elegant prose renders her gift for the uncanny both believable and a wonderful read. – Kate Blackwell, author of “You Won`t Remember This: Stories “

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