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Our Family Farm: A Cherished Legacy

by William Roy Mock

Our Family Farm Front Cover

Our Family Farm Back Cover

As a youngster, William Roy Mock made a promise to his family`s farm (his imaginary utopia) that he would protect it any way that he could. It wasn`t until much later in life that he would also become extremely interested in preserving the farm`s history by recording it in a book.

Who would have ever thought, after all these years, that he would be able to accomplish both endeavors? Attest to the Pennsylvania Agricultural Conservation Easement Purchase Program, which had its beginnings in the latter 1980`s, and will allow the enrolled farm, “Silent Splendor Farm” to remain in perpetuity.

In addition, the documented history of the farm, along with personal experiences and first person accounts of family members has enriched the actual writing and edification of this publication. Due to Mock`s efforts, it is hoped that future family members and perhaps, historians may build upon this knowledge.

Benjamin Walker was the original owner of the family farm which dates back to 1794. William Roy Mock is his fourth great-grandson and is the current owner and caretaker of the farmstead.

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