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Grand Army of the Republic: Personal War Sketches:
Lieu`t Josiah Baughman Post No. 131, Everett

edited by Dr. James Biser Whisker

Grand Army of the Republic: Personal War Sketches ,by Dr. James Biser Whisker

Preface by Harry Leonard, Jr. (Mayor of Everett Borough) “I am proud to add a few words to the publication of this record of Everett area veterans and their service during the Civil War. It is far too easy to forget or ignore the service of our own people while extolling the sacrifices and work of servicemen from other areas. Our brave boys in blue underwent all of the problems, difficulties, and heartaches of veterans everywhere. This book is their testimony. It should be read and given careful thought by all those interested in local history.

The memorial book of the Everett GAR provides us with an insight into the horrors of the American Civil War as well as the valiant and often heroic activities of the veterans from this area. It has survived because of the interest and dedication of a few interested patriots. When the GAR post dissolved, it (GAR book) was preserved by Dr Ralph Howard, a local dentist. His widow Eliza gave it to the Donharl family. Most recently, Denny Donharl donated the original book to the Everett Free Library where it rests today. Those interested in the trials, tribulations, and exploits of members of the Union forces should find this entry book to be of great interest.

It is not surprising then with such a history of patriotism that Everett High School boasts two recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor. All honor to those who sacrificed! Let us pray that future generations will build on this patriotic foundation won with the sweat, blood, toil, and tears of our veterans, such as those included herein.”

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