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The Association: Bonds of Loyalty
History of the Bedford County Vietnam Veterans Association
Bedford County, Pennsylvania

by William Roy Mock

The Last Station: Underground Railroad of Quaker Corner by William Roy Mock

The current publication; second edition, was chosen to be placed in a `time capsule` by the Everett Lions, to coincide with the recent dedication of the monument, honoring the two `Medal of Honor` soldiers, Robert W. Hartsock and Ellis R. Weicht.

The Bedford County Vietnam Veterans Association is a county wide organization, operating independently of other entities. The membership is held together by a common bond between the various branches of the United States Armed Forces; honorably developed through individual `in-country` experiences, and solidified with the Vietnam Service Medal. Perhaps, you had a family member, friend, or acquaince that was a patriotic warrior of the Association.

Many returning Vietnam veterans elected to live solitary lives or at best, would seek out each other; providing a supportive approach for their physical and mental disabilities. This was considered to be the major prompt; eventually leading to the formation of the Association. The developmental stages of such are presented from its origin in 1982; through the early history, including events, and extend up to the present time.

Conscientious attempts were made to gather information, stories, etc. from members of the Bedford County Vietnam Veterans Association, while yet still alive. Therefore, written records or contributions are presented by comrades `in their own words`.

In honorable remembrance of the 21 brothers lost in Vietnam, from Bedford County, Pennsylvania, a complete list of names with pictures will be found in the section, Comrades: Etched in Stone. Also, provided is a comprehensive list of presently known or recorded members of the Bedford County Vietnam Veterans Association. This list includes the names of members; from the early days of the Association up through this written work`s submission date for publication.

William Roy Mock served four years in the United States Air Force during the Vietnam War and was honorably discharged. Mock is a retired high school teacher and accomplished county historian. He has been an active member of the Bedford County Vietnam Veterans Association for over fifteen years.

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