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Civil War Soldiers of Bedford Co.

by Kevin Mearkle

Civil War Soldiers of Bedford Co. by Kevin Mearkle

The `Civil War Soldiers of Bedford County Pennsylvania` book lists 4,209 identified Civil War soldiers who lived in Bedford County or an immediate county border community during their lifetimes, including soldiers who were born in Bedford County but moved to another state prior to the beginning of the Civil War. Known information of each soldier is listed including Regimental enlistments, Muster Dates, Age during the Civil War, Casualty and Cemetery location. The book includes over 700 photographs and images of Bedford County Civil War soldiers. Overviews of the major Civil War battles are also provided, including lists of the known Bedford County soldiers who were casualties in each battle.

Chapters in the book include listings of the 585 Bedford County soldiers who lost their lives during the war, the 67 county families with both a Father & Son(s) who served in the Union Army, the 81 Families with 4 or more brothers in the war, the 181 soldiers 16 years old and younger when they joined the army, the 76 soldiers who were 45 years old and older during the war, the 95 Civil War veterans who were still living in the 1930s and 1940s, the 3 county soldiers who were awarded the Medal of Honor and 11 identified Confederate soldiers who lived in Bedford County during their lifetimes. Overviews of 29 Regiments with significant numbers of Bedford County soldiers are also included. Photographs and brief biographies of some of the soldiers are included in these chapters.

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