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The 100th Anniversary & Re-dedication of the Pennsylvania Monument at Andersonville, GA

by William Roy Mock

>The 100th Anniversary Front by William Roy Mock
>The 100th Anniversary Back by William Roy Mock

This once in a lifetime written record highlights the planned efforts leading up to the actual event, as well as, recognizing the individuals and organizations responsible for accomplishing this heartfelt and historical task.

During America`s War Between the States, prison camps were operated by both the Union and the Confederacy. All of which displayed harsh conditions. However, one of the most notable camps in the south having the distinction for atrocities was Andersonville prison in Georgia. Simulated conditions of the prison site are presented within this work. After the war, on December 7, 1905, Pennsylvania dedicated a monument honoring those soldiers who were imprisoned and died at Andersonville.

The Sons of Veteran Reserve (SVR), `Gettysburg Blues` of Gettysburg, PA Camp # 112, supported by the Pennsylvania Department of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, felt the need to conduct a special remembrance for this event that happened 100 years ago.

They, along with the accommodating assistance of the National Park Service, as well as, the Bedford County Historical Society of Bedford County, Pennsylvania, played a significant role in the performance and commemoration of the event. There would be a March of Honor from the stockade to the monument, where a ceremony would be conducted; followed by the placement of wreaths.The historical society sponsored a special reproduction of the 138th PVI flag; representative of all regiments imprisoned at Andersonville; carried in the procession. A listing of donors for the 138th PVI flag and streamers; noting Civil War ancestors are noted.

The place of Andersonville, GA is presently designated as the National POW site in the United States. It is hoped that this written work, complete with documentation, inspires future generations to develop an interest, as well as, a conscientious attempt to value and preserve American history.

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