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The mission of the Bedford County Historical Society is to document, preserve, protect and promote the history and heritage of Bedford County, Pennsylvania.

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BCHS Collectable and Used Books

These books are in limited quantities. Please contact BCHS for additional details and to place an order.

Civil War Used and Collectable Books

Please contact BCHS at (814)623-2011, concerning purchasing any of these books, shipping, etc.

Angle, Paul M. The Lincoln Reader 12
Bears, Edwin Hardluck Ironclad 30
Bernard, Kenneth Lincoln and the Music of the Civil War 35
Boroke, Von Memors of the Conferate War Vol. 1&2 set 60
Boyer, Richard The Legand of John Brown 75
Bradford, Ned Battles and Leaders of the Civil War 20
Bushong, Mildred General Turner Ashery and Stonewall's Valley Campaign 15
Bushong, Mildred Old Jube 50
Canfield, Cass The Iron Will of Jefferson Davis 35
Catton, Bruce 20 Days 35
Catton, Bruce Banners at Shenandoah 30
Catton, Bruce Civil War Art 25
Catton, Bruce Mr. Lincoln's Army 20
Catton, Bruce Never Call Retreat 5
Catton, Bruce Terrible Swift Sword 5
Catton, Bruce The Army of the Potomac. A stillness at Appomattox 35
Catton, Bruce This Hollowed Ground 5
Chestnut, Mary A Diary From Dixie 125
Commander, Henry The Blue and the Gray 25
Cromie, Alice A Tour Guide to the Civil War 10
Dabney, D.D. Life of Gen. Stonewall Jackson 15
Dabney, Virginius Richmond the Story of a City 30
Davis, Burke Gray Fox 5
Davis, Burke Jeb Stuart The Last Cavalier 50
Davis, Burke Sherman's March 30
Davis, Burke To Appomattox: 9 April Days 1865 35
Davis, William Duel Between the 1st Ironclads 20
Davis, William Touched by Fire 50
Davis, William C. Breckinridge 40
Davis, William C. The Battle of New Market 20
Davis, William C. The Orphan Brigade 20
Dobney, Virginius The Last Rewiew 25
Dodey, Clifford The 7 Days 30
Donald, David Herbert Lincoln 20
Dornbusch Military Bibliography of the Civil War Vol.1&2 250
Douglas, Henery K. I Rode With Stonewall 100
Dowdey, Clifford Lee's Last Campaign 25
Escott, Paul After Secession 30
Faust, Patricia Encyclopedia Civil War 45
Fornieri, Deutsch Lincoln American Dream 20
Frassanito, William A. Antietam 40
Gallegher, Gary Struggles for the Shenandoah 30
Gongdon, Don Combat the Civil War 25
Hagood Memoirs of the War of Secession 90
Henderson, William D. The Unredeemed City 15
Herndon, Weik Herndon's Lincoln 20
Hinsdale, Harriet Confederate Gray 40
Horn, Stanley Heritage 20
Horon, James D. Matthew Brady 18
Huntington, Tom Searching okf George Gordon Meade 10
Hyde, Bill The Union General Speak 30
Jennison, Keith W. The Humorous Mr. Lincoln 15
Johnson, Fletcher Life of Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman 10
Jones, D.D. Army of Northern Virginia 175
Jones, John A Rebel War Clerk's Dairy 300
Jordan, Robert Paul The Civil War 20
Kelsey, D.M. Blue and Gray 200
Kenecally, Thomas American Scoundrel 10
Lawliss, Charles The Civil War 25
Lewis, Lloyd Myths after Lincoln 10
Long, E.B. The Civil War Day by Day 25
Long, E.B. The Saints and the Union 25
Longacres, Edward G. From Union Stars to Top Hat 45
Longacres, Edward G. The Man Behind the Guns 25
Longstreet Lee and Longstreet at High Tide 250
Longstreet, James C.S.A. From Manassas to Appottox 30
Lykes, Richard Campaign for Petersburg 25
Maurice Robert E. Lee The Soldier 75
McFeely, William S Grant 35
Meredith, Roy The Face of Robert E. Lee in Life and in Legend 15
Merrill, James M. William Tecumseh Sherman 35
Miller & Pohanka The Civil War 50
Mitchell, Mary H. Hollywood Cemetery 30
Moorse, Samuel Moore's Complete Civil War 5
Morgan, James A Little Short of Boats 15
Morrow, Honore Great Captain 2
Muhlenfield, Elisabeth Mary Boykin Chesnut 20
Murdock One Million Men 35
Murfin, James The Gleam of Bayonets 45
Nichols, George The Story of the Great March 30
Nofi, Albert The Bloody Struggles 20
Nolan, Dick Butler the Damnedest Yankee 15
Nolan, Dick The Iron Brigade 10
Oates, Stephen B. With Malice Toward None 20
Pakula, Marvin Cenntennial Album of the Civil War 30
Persico My, Enemy, My Brother 35
Phillips History of the 49 Virginia Infantry C.S.A. 195
Pollard, E.A. The Lost Cause 125
Pollard, Edward Southern History of the War 100
Porter, Horace Campaigning with Grant 100
Ray, J. P. The Diary of a Dead Man 20
Reese, Micheal Autographs of the Confederancy 75
Richardson Personal History of U.S. Grant 35
Richardson, Albert Secret Service 30
Riggs, David F. East of Gettysburg 10
Robertson Rank and File 10
Robertson, James The Stonewall Brigade 75
Robertson, James Jr. Civil War Sites in Virginia a Tour Guide 5
Roe, Loise A. The Battle of the Ironclads 10
Rollins, Richard Pickett's Charge 2 Copies 18
Rowell, John W. Yankee Artilleryman 30
Sauers, Richard Advance the Colors! 12
Schilat, John W. Drums Along the Antietam 35
Schildt Roads to Gettysburg 30
Schmucker History of the Civil War of the U.S. 30
Schmucker, Samuel A History of the Civil War in the U.S. 15
Sears, Stephen To the Gate of Richmond 25
Semmes The Confederate Raider Alabama 40
Simmons, Henry I Concise Encyclopedia of the Civil War 15
Smith, Peter Stonewall Jackson and the American Civil War 50
Soderberg, Susan A Guide to Civil War Sites in Maryland 20
Sommers, Richard Richmond Redeemed the Seigeat Petersburg 45
Stackpole, Edward J. Chancellorsville Lee's Greatest Battle 20
Stackpole, Edward J. The Fredericksburg 25
Stackpole, Edward J. The Met at Gettysburg 15
Stern, Philip Van Doren Robert E. Lee The Man and the Soldier 20
Stiles, Robert 4 Years Undersarse 25
Styple General in Bronze 15
Sword, Wiley Southern Invincibility 10
Tanner, Robert Stonewall in the Valley 25
Taylor, Walter 4 Years with General Lee 45
Thomas The Confederate Nation 35
Tucker, Glenn Hancock the Superb 15
Tucker, Glenn High Tide 80
Vandriver, Frank Their Tattered Flag 30
Weichmann, Loise Abraham Lincoln 35
Wert, Jeffery D. General James Longstreet 28
Wert, Jeffery D. The Sword of Lincoln 10
Wheeler, Richard Voices of the Civil War 20
Widener, Ralph W. Confederate Monuments 50
Wiley, Bell They Who Fought Here 30
Winshin Manassas Bull Run 15
Woodward, N. E. Meet Gen. Grant 20

Butler's Book 20

Civil War 6

Confederate Longarms and Pistols 40

Echoes of Glory Illustrated Atlas of the Civil War 35

Life and Letters of General Robert E. Lee 125

Life and Public Service of Gen. Jas A. Garfield 200

Life of Turner Ashby 185

Mary Lincoln- Bio of a Marriage 3 copies 2

Maryland of the Civil War 10

Preserving PA Civil War Flags 2

Regulations for the Army of the Confederate States 30

The American Heritage New History of the Civil War 5

The Civil War Extra 40

The Gettysburg Magzine for set 50