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the future looks to us.”

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The mission of the Bedford County Historical Society is to document, preserve, protect and promote the history and heritage of Bedford County, Pennsylvania.

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O'Connell, Daniel Pfeiffer, John W. Reily, Henry
O'Connell, Naurice Pfeiffer, William Reily, John
O'Mallay, Patrick Phipps, Edward Reisberg, Frederick
O'Neill, John P. Phillips, Simon Reisling, Henry
O'Mallay, Patrick Phillips, Thomas Reusekling, John
Oat, John Piazza Domenico, Dalla Reutenburg, C. T.
Odgers, John Piper, Anthony Rhodes/Brode, Jacob
Ogden, William Henry Plitt, Lewis Richards, Jonathan
Oliver, Thomas Pollard, Leon Richards, William
Oniel, Arthur Powers, James David Richie, Emil
Oppenheimer, Max Prey, Franklin Richter, Charles W.
Oppenheimer, Norbert Price, James Richter, Wilhelm, Edward
Oppenheimer, Simon Price, Samuel W. Riddlesdin, Eli
Oppenheimer, Tully/Selly Price, Thomas Ridley, John
Ormrod, Joseph Prisk, John Riter/Rites, Adam
Orth, Conrad Pritchard, Charles Ritter, Adam
Orth, John Purcell, Francis E. Roberts, William
Oss/Ofs, William Radda, William Robinson, James
Osterloh, Charles A. Ralston, William T. Roche, James
Osterloh, Frederick (Rev.) Randecker, John Rock, Conrad
Oswalk, John Rankin, John Rock/Koch, Frederick
Palmers, John Egerton Rascher, Frederick Rocker, David
Parson, James Rath, John Rodgers, Henry
Pascoe, William J. Redfern, John Rody, Thomas
Pattloff, August RedingerER, Casper Roman, Josef
Peisch, Henry Redrick, James Rooney, Patrick
Peltzer/Belster, Henry Reese, Casper Roos, Charles
Penchin, William Reese, Henry Ross, James
Peoples, James Reesie, Oliver Rouscher, Adam
Peoples, John Rehling, Frederick Jacob Rubin, William J.
Perry, Joseph Reichter, Bernhard Ruddlesdin, John
Peters, Andrew Reichter, Charles Henry Morvitz Ruttiger, Michael
Pfeiffer/Piper, Christian Reilback, Anthony Ryan, Lawrence
Pfeiffer, John L. Reilly, John