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the future looks to us.”

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The mission of the Bedford County Historical Society is to document, preserve, protect and promote the history and heritage of Bedford County, Pennsylvania.

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Mackey, William McEhiney, Robert Miller, Michael
Mahon, James McEnnally, Owen Mills, Lewis
Maker, Michael McGahey, James C. Miltenberger, Nicholas
Maker, Patrick McGarr, Frances Minke, Frederick
Maker, Patrick McGarth, Daniel Mitchell, John
Maker, William McGarth, John Montgomery, Michael
Malone, Eugene P. McGary, James Moodes, Thomas
Malone, John McGinnis, John Mooney, Patrick
Manning, Joseph McGirr, John Moore, Robert
Mannock, John McGlue, Thomas Moorehouse, William
Manock, James McGonigle, Hugh Moran, John
Mansfield, Patrick McGuey, John Moran, Thomas
Mansfield, Thomas McHugh, Condy Moran, William
Marchin, Barney McIntyre, John Morduff, Edwin
Mardorf, William Mackey, William Morgan, James
Marguet, Frances Charles McKinney, Patrick Morris, Quinten
Markler, John McMahon, Bernard Motto, George
Martin, Alexander McMurry, Patrick Mous, Jacob
Martin, Daniel McNally, Christopher Moyle, John
Martin, Jacob McNulty, John Moyle, Nicholas
Martin, Patrick McOsker, Hugh Moyle, William
Martin, Philip Sr. McPhee, Thomas Muckerheide, Gerhard Henry
Martin, Philip Jr. McWade, John Muentock/Muentsch, George Frederick
Martin, William Mecktly, John Jacob Muentsch, John Frederick
Marvin, Peter Meisner, William Mulcaky, Maurice
Marx, Isaac Melloy, Charles Mulhurl, Hugh
Matave, August J. Meloy, Charles Murphey, Barney
Matthews, Jaceketh Mench, George Frederick Murphy, Edward
Matthewson, Thomas Meredith, William Murphy, James
Mattin, John B. Metz, George Murphy, Patrick
Maus, Frances Metz, George Michael Murphy, Robert
May, Francis Metz, George R. Murray, William
Mauwaning, William Metz, Valentine Murry, Daglan
Maxwell, Henry Milburn, William Murry, Mathew
McAnulty, Michael Miller, Adelbert Murry, Patrick
McBride, Henry Miller, Frederick Murry, William
McBride, Matthew Miller, Frederick Myer, Henry
McCabe, Patrick Miller, George Myers, William
McCleary, Andrew Miller, Henry Nagle, Valentine Godfrey
McCleary, John Miller, Jacob Nary, John
McCracken, John Miller, John Needrow, Joseph
McCune, Terance Miller, John Nelson, Martin
McDonald, Cornelius Miller, John Daniel Nichelson, John
McDonald, Felix Miller, John Godfrey Nichols, Albert W.
McDonald, James M. Miller, John Lawrence Niterour, Matthias
McDonough, Thomas Miller, Jonas Peterson Nolan, Patrick
McDonough, Thomas (Jr.) Miller, Joseph Notewhang, Frederick