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the future looks to us.”

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The mission of the Bedford County Historical Society is to document, preserve, protect and promote the history and heritage of Bedford County, Pennsylvania.

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Naturalization Papers
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Eade, Harry Fisher, Francis Gavin, Michael
Eagan, Simon Fisher, John Gebhardt, Henry
Earth, William Fisher, John H. Gebler, Jacob
Eberling, Frederick William Charles Fisher, Melchior Geiner, Patrick
Echer, Conrad Fisher, Peter Gentner, Ludwick Frederick
Eckel, Jacob Flannigan, John Gephart, John
Edwards, James Flein, Thomas Gibbons, John
Edwards, Frank Fleming, Alexander B. Gibbs, Godfrey
Edwards, John Fleming, James Giertsen, Thomas
Edwards, Lewis Flynn, Thomas Gilberg, John
Edwards, Thomas Foster, George Gill, Thomas
Edwards, William Foster, John Gillace, James
Egan, Patrick Foster, Richard Gilles, Nichols
Ehenfelt, John Foster, William Gilliland, William
Eidenbaugh, John Foust, Peter Gillis, Daniel
Ellingen, John G. Fox, George Gjertsen, Gjirt K.
Eltman, Adam Foy, Ludwick Glass, Henry
Elvey, Norris C. Fraleigh, George Glassbrenner, Frederick
Emmerick, John Franzin, Oscar Gleason, John
Emmert, Andew Fraser, Donald St. George Gluntz, Christian
Emmi, William Freil, Edward Gofferd, Victor
Engst, Martin Freund, Christian Friedrick Gonden, John
Euteneuer, John Peter Frey, Charles Gonden, Joseph
Evan, Benjamin Friedrichs, Louis William Gonyo, Francis
Ewalt, Conrad Friend, Frederick Goodman, John George
Faight, Baltzer Friend, John Gorden/Growdon, Thomas
Fanagan, Thomas Fries, John Gordon, James
Farley, James Fritz, Jacob Gorris, Victor
Farrel, Joseph Fulton, Alfred Graham, Daniel
Farrel, Thomas Fyan, Lewis N. Graham, Thomas
Farrell, John Fyan, Robert Greathead, Thomas
Fauber, Conrad Gafney, John Greenough, John
Faupel, Christof Gailey, John Greenwalt, Augustus
Felter, George Gailey, John Grenfell, Thomas
Farrans, Michael Gallen, Hugh Gribble, Charles
Fetter, George Gansemann, Barthel Gribble, Charles
Fetter, Sebastian Garber, Daniel Griffiths, Michael
Filan, John Gargan, Thomas Grimes, Anthony
Fink, Jacob Gartland, John Groos, Moses
Fink, Peter Gartland, Patrick Grout, Alexander
Finke, Adam Gatez, Anthony Growdon, John
Fisher, Adam