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the future looks to us.”

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The mission of the Bedford County Historical Society is to document, preserve, protect and promote the history and heritage of Bedford County, Pennsylvania.

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Carboy, James Collins, Patrick Davis, Thomas D.
Caddy, William Colvin, George Deaver, George
Cain, John Conchan, Jeremiah Debos, Leopold
Cain, Patrick Conrad, John Decooman, Frank
Caldwell, Robert Cook, Charles Degand, Anthony
Caldwell, Thomas L. Cook, John Delfine, Nestor
Campbell, Barney Cook, Mathias Delsant, Nicholas
Campbell, John Cook, Robert Denar, Adam
Capady, Michael Cook, William Dener, John
Capiday, James Coote, F. W. Denhard, John
Carley, Peter Copeland, Thomas Deszalai, Charles Albert
Carnar, Frederick Cornelius, Amy Detandt, Louis
Carroll, Patrick Cornelius, Anthony Devine, James
Cashman, Dennis Cornys, Charles Dick, Robert
Cassady, James Corr, James Diener, Michael
Castello, Michael Cowling, John Dietz, Werner
Christian, John Coyle, Frederick Dillen, John
Christopher, James Crabbe, Alban George Dinythorne, Henry
Clair, Richard Crefsner, Frederich Theodore Ditmer, John
Clark, Edward Creichbaum, Philip Dively, Jacob
Clark, Henry Crittle, George Dolan, Patrick
Clark, James Crocker, John H. Dollard, John
Clark, Peter Crocker, Thomas Donahoe, James
Clark, Robert A. Cron, Michael Donahoe, Patrick
Claurs, George Croughin, Charles Doran, Patrick
Claus, George Crouse, Jacob Dornkam, Peter
Claus, Henry Cullen, John T. Douglas, Herman
Claus Von Breen, Charles Ulrich Otto Currie, James Downin, Albert
Clavenspice, Andrew Currie, John Doyle, James
Cleeves, Joseph Cuttle, George Dreps, William
Clefson, Henry Dailey, Daniel Driver, James
Clemens, Adam Daley, Timothy Duffey, William
Clemens, Joseph Dalton, Edward Dugan, Michael
Clemmens, Charles Daly, Timothy Dugdale, John
Clich, John Daniel, Charles Dugdale, Thomas
Cline/Kline, John Adam Darrier, William Duly, Thomas
Coates, Charles Daugherty, Patrick Dumphy, Martin
Coch, Casper H. Augustus Daugherty, Vincent Dunn, Francis
Colignon, John B. Dautermann, Joseph Dwyer, John
Collins, Mark Davis, John