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the future looks to us.”

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The mission of the Bedford County Historical Society is to document, preserve, protect and promote the history and heritage of Bedford County, Pennsylvania.

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Naturalization Papers
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Abraham, John Bear, Peter Boyle, Peter
Abslom, Abraham [Charles] Beard, John Boyle, William
Acker, Conrad Beatty, Henry Bradley, James
Ackerman, John Beatty, Hugh Brady, John Charles
Adolphson, Adolph Beatty, John Brady, Michael
Afflebach, Henry Bechtel, John George Brand, Ignatz
Ahlhorn, Augustus Becker, Henry Branen, Patrick
Allan, James Beckhoefer, Joseph C. Brannagan, Edward
Altamus, Joseph Beckhoefer, Joseph B. Brant, Conrad
Altori, Charles Beckhoefer, Max Brant, John
Anderson, Nelse Beemiller, Peter Bray, Tobias
Anderson, William Benna, Christian Breaut, Adolph
Armstrong, Hugh Benning, John Breagle, Christian
Arrgrove, Charles Benton, John Breegle, Jacob
Babot, Charles Besserer, Valentine Bregle, Adam
Bailey, Valentine Best, Robert Breinnig, Charles
Baitzell, John Best, Thomas W. Brendlen, Charles
Baker, William Binne, Christian Brenna, Joseph/John
Ball, Sebastian Birely, Nicholas Brenner, Patrick
Barley, Adam Birgle, John Henry Brennigan, Patrick
Barley, John Bittleboon, Franklin Brewer, Thomas
Barmont, Peter Blaine, Thomas Bridendol, John Henry
Barnett, Elisha Bland, Charles Brooks, John
Barnett, George Blight, William Brown, Francis
Barnett, Joseph Blum, Reinhart Valentine Brown, Thomas
Barr, William B. Bollinger, Jacob Bruce, Charles Joseph
Barrett, Michael Bonaker, William Brutout, Adolphe
Barrow, Alfred James (Rev.) Borck, Martin Brutout, Edward
Bartola, Bernard Bowden, Edward Buckle, George C
Barton, James Bowers, John Casper Buckley, Cornelius
Bath, James Bowers, John G. Burns, Patrick
Batz, Andrew Bowhay, William P. Bush, Carl Charles
Batzel, Christian Bowman, Henry Butt, Andrew
Baudoucx, Anthony Boyer, Frederick Byrne, John
Bausch, Christian Boyle, Isaac