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The mission of the Bedford County Historical Society is to document, preserve, protect and promote the history and heritage of Bedford County, Pennsylvania.

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Taylor, John Elmer Taylor, Mary E. 1885
Temple, Susan Temple, James 1863
Temple, Susan Temple, James 1864
Tewell, Hezekiah Tewell, Sarah 1877
Tharp, Della Tharp, David W. 1918
Thomas, Mary Thomas, David 1896
Thomas, Mary Thomas, David 1897
Thomas, Rebecca J. Thomas, Henry C. 1884
Thompson, Ella Kirk Thompson, John Harper 1917
Thompson, Ella Kirk Thompson, John Harper 1919
Tricker, Catharine Tricker, George 1860
Tricker, Catharine Tricker, George 1866
Tricker, Catharine Tricker, George 1867
Troutman, George M. Troutman, Martha 1919
Troutman, Martha Troutman, George M. 1917
Troutman, Mary E. Troutman, Emanuel 1911
Turley, Harry Turley, Mary Ann 1900
Turner, Ada Turner, Jene 1913
Wagerman, Bertha Wagerman, Edward 1914
Wahn, Agnes Wahn, George 1830
Walker, Mary E. Walker, Samuel J. 1876
Walker, Mary E. Walker, Samuel J. 1882
Walsee, Catharine Walsee, Ferdinard 1861
Waltman, Mary Etta Waltman, George Jr. 1859
Waltman, Sarah Waltman, John F. 1861
Waltman, Sarah Waltman, John F. 1862
Ward, James Ward, Stella 1909
Warner, Sarah Warner, Zachariah 1835
Warner, Sarah Warner, Zachariah 1836
Watton, Mary Watton, David 1830
Weaver, Henry McVicker, Emily 1870
Weaver, William H. Weaver, Eva 1902
Weicht, Simon J. Weicht, Anna J. 1903
Weimert, Lydia C. Weimert, Samuel A. 1911
Welch, Emma Welch, William 1904
Welch, John H. Welch, Alice M. 1907
Welsh, George W. Welsh, Ada 1909
Wertz, Joseph Wertz, Drusilla Ann 1870
West, John H. West, Catharine Jane 1834
West, John H. West, Catharine Jane 1835
Weyant, Emma J. Weyant, Charles 1912
Weyant, Michael Weyant, Dorothea 1864
Wheeling, Michael Wheeling, Juliana 1859
Whip, Anna Whip, George 1879
White, Elizabeth White, George W. Dr. 1844
White, Mary White, Douson 1907
Whitford, James Whitford, Eleanor 1811
Whitford, James Whitford, Eleanor 1812
Whitford, Mary Whitford, William 1841
Whysong, William H.H. Whysong, Hannah 1866
Whysong, William H.H. Whysong, Hannah 1867
Wigfield, Issac Wigfield, Mathilda 1862
Wigfield, Mathilda Wigfield, Issac 1862
Wilhelm, Andrew Wilhelm, Maria 1838
Wilkins, Josephus Wilkins, Sarah 1886
Wilkins, Sarah Wilkins, Josephus 1886
Wilkinson, B.R. Wilkinson, Carrie R. 1884
Williams, Caroline Williams, John 1856
Williams, Linnie Williams, Lester 1912
Williams, Theodore Williams, Mira 1904
Williams, William William, Elizabeth 1863
Wills, Juliana Wills, Samuel 1841
Wilson, George D. Wilson, Myrtle 1920
Wilson, Robert C. Wilson, Rebecca A. 1879
Wilson, Robert C. Wilson, Rebecca A. 1880
Wilt, Annie E. Wilt, Charles W. 1907
Wilt, William C. Wilt, Mary 1919
Wolf, A.C. Wolf, Lillie B. 1901
Wolf, Lillie B. Wolf, A.C. Dr. 1905
Wolfkill, Thomas M. Wolfkill, Josephine M.E. 1891
Woods, Mary Woods, William 1896
Worrell, Rebecca Worrell, William 1899
Worrell, Rebecca Worrell, William 1900
Woy, Francis M. Woy, Audrey M. 1918
Yeager, Hattie M. Yeager, Elmer A. 1915
Younker, Rebecca Younker, Joseph 1847
Yutzy, Susan R. Yutzy, William M. 1912
Yutzy, William M. Yutzy, Susan R. 1906
Zembower, William Pierce Zembower, Emma Alice 1883
Zimmers, Aaron Zimmers, Elizabeth 1868