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The mission of the Bedford County Historical Society is to document, preserve, protect and promote the history and heritage of Bedford County, Pennsylvania.

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O'Bryan, Ella S. O'Bryan, Daniel C. 1915
Oiler, Jacob Oiler, Elizabeth 1843
O'Mauney, Mary O'Mauney, William 1881
O'Mauney, Mary O'Mauney, William 1882
O'Neal, James O'Neal, Sophia 1860
O'Neal, James O'Neal, Sophia 1861
Oswalt, George Oswalt, Nancy 1815
Oswalt, George Oswalt, Nisey 1808
Peck, C.W. Peck, Ellen S. 1888
Pee, Mason A. Mason, Conception Gonzalez 1916
Pennel, Joshua Pennel, Susanna 1844
Penner, Annie Amelia Penner, Andrew J. 1905
Penrose, John W. Penrose, Sarah 1897
Pensyl, George E. Pensyl, Sadie E. 1899
Pepple, Marguerite E. Pepple, Shannon E. 1915
Perdew, Edward P. Perdew, Nora B. 1917
Perrin, Lucinda Perrin, Neri 1907
Phillips, Catharine Phillips, Robert S. 1890
Pierson, Annie E. Pierson, John H. 1833
Pierson, Harry I. Pierson, Daisy I. 1894
Pierson, Harry I. Pierson, Daisy Iona 1901
Pierson, Harry I. Pierson, Daisy Iona 1902
Pittman, Lewis Pittman, Margaret 1916
Pittman, Mary Pittman, Frank 1903
Points, Isabella C. Points, Moses A. 1868
Porter, Elizabeth Porter, Robert W. 1845
Pote, Andrew Pote, Sarah 1871
Price, Daniel A. Price, Emma L. 1916
Price, Hester Price, Abraham 1855
Price, Nettie Price, Joshua H. 1907
Price, Oliver S. Price, Elizabeth E. 1888
Price, Oliver S. Price, Elizabeth E. 1892
Prosser, Fannie Prosser, Robert 1900
Purdy, Jennie Purdy, James E. 1894
Putt, Elizabeth M. Putt, John 1874
Putt, Susanna Elizabeth Putt, Charles C. 1918
Rastall, Mary S. Rastall, Robert Roe 1916
Reed, John R. Reed, Isabella 1820
Reed, John R. Reed, Isabella 1821
Reed, Mary Reed, Lewis 1873
Reffner, Frances V. Reffner, William 1903
Reighard, Edward S.B. Reighard, Sophia C. 1899
Reiley - See also Lyon, James

Reininger, Jeremiah Reininger, Mary 1883
Rice, Martha Rice, John F. 1872
Richards, James J. Richards, Mahala 1897
Richeson, Susan Richeson, Thomas 1867
Richir, Arthur Richir, Alida 1910
Riley, Fannie V. Riley, Willaim 1919
Rinard, Elizabeth Rinard, Allen 1892
Rinard, Mary E. Rinard. Adam H. 1907
Rinard, Mary E. Rinard. Adam H. 1908
Ringler, Catharine Ringler, George A. 1903
Ritchey, Abraham Ritchey, Eve Ann 1889
Ritchey, Blanche E. Ritchey, Seibert 1917
Ritchey, Hugh Maucer Ritchey, Arleen 1920
Ritchey, Jacob R. Ritchey, Elizabeth S. 1890
Ritchey, Priscilla J. Ritchey, Jacob K. 1889
Robison, Moses L. Robison, Mahel B. 1920
Rodgers, Mary Rodgers, Eli 1811
Rorabaugh, Martha M. Rorabaugh, Wiilaim W. 1918
Rorar, Wilbert M. Rorar, Alvina J. 1893
Rosenberry, Voora Rosenberry, Eli 1903
Rosenberry, Voora Rosenberry, Eli 1920
Rosenbury, Nora Rosenbury, Eli 1920
Ross, Elizabeth Ross, William 1859
Rothfon, Jaocb L. Rothfon, Eliza 1850
Rouse, Elias Rouse, Eliza 1866
Rousher, Margaret Rousher, Adam 1850
Rush, Susan Rush, David 1861
Russell, Ellen Russell, Joseph I. 1888