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The mission of the Bedford County Historical Society is to document, preserve, protect and promote the history and heritage of Bedford County, Pennsylvania.

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Madara, David W. Madara, Hannah 1913
Madara, David W. Madara, Hannah 1914
Mann, Henry H. Mann, Ella M. 1914
Mann, John Mann, Bridget 1845
Manspeaker, Charlotte Manspeaker, William 1899
Mara, Estella Mara, Jeremiah M. 1908
Marker, Ann Marker, Michael 1846
Mason, Lavinia Mason, William E. 1896
McCleary, Mary McCleary, Ealy 1901
McCleary, Mary McCleary, Ealy 1902
McCreary, Catharine McCeary, Thomas 1862
McCune, Susan McCune, Patrick 1860
McEldowney, George E. McEldowney, Catharine 1865
McFarland, Joseph McFarland, Sarah 1875
McFarland, Joseph McFarland, Sarah 1892
McFarland, Sarah McFarland, Jospeh 1880
McGarvey, Ada Belle McGarvey, James A. 1910
McGarvey, Ada Belle McGarvey, James A. 1911
McLaughlin, Lucinda M. McLaughlin, George R. 1918
McLucas, David James McLucas, Amelia Pearl 1910
McMillen, George E. McMillen, Grace C. 1913
McMullin, Frank L. McMullin, Annie 1907
McNeal, Cecilia McNeal, William 1880
McNeal, William McNeal, Cecilia 1880
McNeal, William McNeal, Cecilia 1899
McNeal, William McNeal, Cecilia 1881
McVicker, John McVicker, Nancy 1853
Mellott, Benjamin F. Melllott, Lorendus 1879
Mellott, Eunice E. Mellott, John A. 1892
Mervine, Mary C. Mervine, Temple W. 1885
Middleton, Amanda M. Middleton, James M. 1869
Miller, Alyareida Miller, Elmer Clyde 1920
Miller, Benjamin Miller, Mary Sheetz 1917
Miller, Elizabeth Clarisia Miller, Benjamin O. 1882
Miller, Elliott Miller, Agnes 1905
Miller, George F. Miller, Martha V. 1906
Miller, George H. Miller, Lily Swanson 1918
Miller, George H. Miller, Lily Swanson 1920
Miller, Mary E. Miller, George W. 1918
Miller, Mary E. Miller, James B. 1904
Miller, Soloman H. Miller, Elizabeth 1863
Miller, Valentine Miller, Catharine 1854
Mills, Jacob C. Mills, Mahala 1863
Mills, Mary C. Mills, David 1889
Mills, Sarah Mills, Jacob 1844
Minnick, Bessie Pearl Minnick, Robert Oliver 1913
Mitchell, Carrie Mitchell, James L. 1906
Mitchell, William Mitchell, Martha 1886
Mock, James Mock, Jennie Snyder 1889
Mock, James Mock, Jennie Snyder 1890
Mock, Malichi Mock, Emma 1892
Mock, Malinda J. Mock, John W. 1893
Mock, Peter Mock, Mary 1887
Mock, Peter Mock, Mary 1888
Moffit, Magaretta Moffit, Clare E. 1914
Moore, Wilbur O. Moore, Pearl E. 1918
Morgart, Mary Alice Morgart, Charles H. 1888
Morgart, Mary Alice Morgart, Charles H. 1889
Morgret, Lucy Morgret, George 1878
Morris, Mary A. Morris, James 1867
Mosley, Helen Mosley, Ward 1919
Moyle, John N. Moyle, Clara V. 1893
Mull, Samuel W. Mull, Catharine 1900
Murray, Diolan Murray, Catharine 1846
Murray, Mary Murray, Daniel 1826
Murray, Mary Murray, Daniel 1827
Myers, Annie Myers, Thomas 1895
Nave, Ruth Caroline Nave, George Harvey 1911
Newcomer, Jaocb S. Newcomer, Jennie Ashcroft 1909
Nicewanger, Ellen Nicewanger, Andrew 1907
Nosker, Annie Nosker, Curtis H. 1911
Nycum, Albert Irvine Nycum, Mary E. 1881
Nycum, Annie Nycum, Josiah 1874