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The mission of the Bedford County Historical Society is to document, preserve, protect and promote the history and heritage of Bedford County, Pennsylvania.

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Karn, Ann Karn, Henry 1828
Karn, Ann Karn, Henry 1829
Karshner, Adam Karshner, Kesiah 1855
Kauffman, George B. Kauffman, Sarah 1883
Kauffman, George B. Kauffman, Sarah 1884
Keady, Catharine Keady, Issac 1888
Keady, Catharine Keady, Issac 1890
Keefe, Martha Keefe, Joseph 1858
Kegarice, Jacob Kegarice, Mary 1851
Kegg, Mary M. Kegg, Levi R. 1886
Kegg, Mary M. Kegg, Levi R. 1887
Keller, Elizabeth B. Keller, Henry M. 1857
Kelosterman, Alta Kelosterman, Franklin A. 1912
Kennedy, William Kennedy, Sadie 1903
Kensinger, George B. Kensinger, Esther Anne 1908
Kensinger, John Kensinger, Esther 1820
Keyser, Mary Keyser, William M. 1888
Kilhock, Andrew Kilhock, Nancy 1883
Kimberline, George Kmberlin, Ellen 1841
Kimberline, George Kmberlin, Ellen 1842
Knee, George Knee, Ida 1907
Knee, Philip Knee, Eliza 1870
Kochendarfer, Annie Kochendarfer, Gilbert 1917
Kochenderfer, Harriet J. Kochenderfer, Jas N. 1896
Koontz, Abram Koontz, Maria 1902
Koontz, Camilla Koontz, George 1859
Kreamer, Lucinda A. Kreamer, Jacob 1882
Kreiger, Samuel Krieger, Caroline 1886
Krouse, J.F. Krouse, Maggie E. 1895
Lafferty, Louisa Lafferty, Moses 1860
Langdon, William D. Langdon, Elfie 1915
Larzier, Mary E. Larzier, Alfred 1887
Lashley, Florence Lashley, William 1906
Lathrop, Susan Ann Lathrop, Issac A. 1845
Lawrence, Albert Lawrence, Jennie 1893
Lawrence, Albert Lawrence, Jennie 1894
Layton, Alfred Layton, Mary 1887
Leasure, Alice Leasure, Somerfield 1901
Leasure, Elizabeth Leasure, Thomas 1809
Leasure, Elizabeth Leasure, Thomas 1810
Leasure, Ettiwee Leasure, Alvah T. 1903
Leasure, Ettiwee Leasure, Alvah T. 1904
Leighty, Sidney Leighty, Isabella 1887
Leo, Elnora Leo, Nicholas R. 1917
Leonard, Ettie Leonard, Benjamin C. 1891
Leonard, Ettie Leonard, Benjamin C. 1892
Leonard, Opal Leonard, Frank D. 1920
Leopold, Charlotte Leopold, John 1868
Leopold, Hannah Leopold, John 1866
Levingstone, Eve Levingstone, Jacob 1827
Little, Ann Elizabeth Little, David 1867
Livingston, Edgar N. Livingston, Annie 1919
Livingston, Laura C. Livingston, Samuel M. 1914
Livingstone, Anna Livingstone, Harry 1897
Logan, Daniel Logan, Barbara 1846
Logue, Clara A. Logue, Albert 1879
Logue, Hannah Logue, James 1839
Logue, Hezekiah Logue, Margaret 1860
Logue, Hezekiah Logue, Margaret 1862
Long, Celia M. Long, George 1908
Long, Louisa Long, William H. 1890
Long, Malinda Long, Abraham 1870
Long, Virginia Myrtle Long, Albert 1903
Loose, Lizzie Loose, Jacob H. 1895
Loose, Lizzie Loose, Jacob H. 1896
Lowery, Oliver C. Lowery, Hannah 1866
Lowery, William N. Lowery, Maggie 1919
Lynn, Henry M. Lynn, Ann Marie 1862
Lyon, James Troutman, Elizabeth alias Reiley 1875