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The mission of the Bedford County Historical Society is to document, preserve, protect and promote the history and heritage of Bedford County, Pennsylvania.

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Campagna, Frank Campagna, Argema 1911
Cantner, Samuel H. Cantner, Minnie 1905
Carberry, Lydia A. Carberry, Wilson H. 1908
Cardiff, Catharine Cardiff, John 1871
Cardiff, Catharine Cardiff, John 1872
Carlisle, Elizabeth Carlisle, Jonathan 1835
Carney, Lillian E. Carney, Samuel David 1905
Carney, Lillian E. Carney, Samuel David 1905
Carpenter, Jonathan B. Carpenter, Catharine M. 1872
Carpenter, Jonathan B. Carpenter, Kate M. 1892
Carpenter, Oscar Carpenter, Louisa 1909
Cartwright, Mary A. Cartwright, Harry F. 1906
Cash, Angelina Cash, William Henry 1844
Casteel, Edgar Casteel, Virginia B. 1920
Cessna, Amanda M.F. Cessna, Oliver P. 1871
Cessna, James B.B. Cessna, Sarah 1901
Cessna, John Cessna, Henrietta 1898
Chamberlain, Harry Chamberlain, Bertha 1920
Chamberlain, Harry C. Chamberlain, Lillie B. 1905
Chamberlain, Lillie Blanch Chamberlain, Harry C. 1903
Chamberlain, Mary Elizabeth Chamberlain, Wilbert Luther 1918
Chandler, Rachel J. Chandler, David alias David Dotson 1873
Chandler, Rachel J. Chandler, David alias David Dotson 1874
Chappell, Andrew Chappell, Jessie 1916
Christie, Rachel Christie, John 1822
Claar, Amanda J. Claar, Harry H. 1917
Claar, Mary C. Claar, William L. 1890
Clabaugh, James F. Claybaugh, Maria 1902
Claycomb, Ada Claycomb, Ross 1916
Close, Grace E. Close, Melvin C. 1920
Cogan, Ida Cogan, William J. 1897
Coleman, Mattie Stayer Coleman, William Allen 1903
College, Charles H. College, Laura 1904
College, Laura College, Charles 1902
Colvin, Rebecca Colvin, Willard C. 1895
Compher, John Dr. Compher, Ellen 1858
Compher, John Dr. Compher, Ellen 1859
Conner, Benjamin Conner, Nancy Ellen 1899
Conner, Filmore Conner, Minnie 1920
Conner, May A. Conner, Charles C. 1920
Conner, William J. Conner, Julia M. 1918
Cook, Cora May Cook, Charles C. 1906
Cook, Elender S. Cook, Harry W. 1914
Corley, Sarah M. Corley, Harry E. 1902
Cornelius, William M. Cornelius, Mary Elizabeth 1885
Coughenour, Arthur H. Coughenour, Ida A. 1914
Coughenour, Mason Coughenour, Louisa 1891
Cramer, Levi Cramer, Elizabeth 1872
Crawford, Hettie Crawford, George W. 1890
Crawley, Frank A. Crawley, Nellie A. 1917
Crissey, S.C. Crissey, Jassie B. 1914
Crissey, Verdie Crissey, Norton 1903
Croyle, Hustan B. Croyle, Agnes 1919
Croyle, Mary C Croyle, Jacob 1884
Croyle, Thomas Croyle, Martha Ann 1883
Croyle, Thomas Croyle, Martha Ann 1884
Cullison, Jennie Cullison, William 1903
Cullison, Jennie Cullison, William 1904
Cuppett, Lizzie T. Cuppett, George A. 1885
Cyphers, Hannah Cyphers, Rufus 1892
Davis, Ada M. Davis, William 1912
Davis, Benjamin Davis, Sarah 1840
Davis, Ephraim Davis, Sarah A. 1863
Davis, Henry W. Davis, Jennie E. 1895
Davis, Mary Davis, Issac 1825
Davis, Mary Davis, William 1869
Defibaugh, Hattie Martha Defibaugh, Frederick G. 1919
Defibaugh, Nelli J. Defibaugh, Roy 1912
Defibaugh, Sarah B. Defibaugh, Marshall C. 1879
Dennison, Millie B. Dennison, Abram C. 1908
Detmor, John F. Detmor, Elizabeth 1817
Deyarmin, Mary Ann Deyarmin, Simon S. 1888
Dibert, John Dibert, Mary 1904
Dibert, Malinda Dibert, C.C. Dr. 1888
Dick, Henry Dick, Laura B. 1895
Dick, Henry Dick, Laura B. 1896
Dicken, Elizabeth Dicken, Mark 1826
Dicken, Elmer A. Dicken, Minnie Francis 1916
Dickinson, Jas. W. Dickinson, Elizabeth 1851
Diehl, Jennie Diehl, Howard 1898
Diehl, Lillian Margaret Diehl, John Franklin 1914
Dishong, Annie E. Dishong, Andrew J. 1884
Dively, Katharine M. Dively, Harry C. 1909
Dodson, Charles R. Dodson, Pearl 1919
Doland, Abigal Doland, Thomas 1804
Donnelly, Ella Donnely, James H. 1897
Donnelly, Ella Donnely, James H. 1898
Dotson - See also Chandler, Rachel J.

Douglas, Mary Jane Douglas, Watson 1882
Douning, Lorena C. Douning, James A. 1920
Dull, Mary C. Dull, Abraham 1873
Dunn, John Dunn, Rachel 1870