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The mission of the Bedford County Historical Society is to document, preserve, protect and promote the history and heritage of Bedford County, Pennsylvania.

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Acilla, Louis Acilla, Agistina 1905
Acker, Oliver Acker, Emma H. 1917
Ake, Frank P. Ake, Rossna 1910
Ake, Melissa B. Ake, Peasl 1914
Ake, Rachel Ake, Grundy 1880
Albright, Rachel Albright, John 1829
Aldstadt, Barbara Ellen Aldstadt, George 1872
Alguire, John Alguire, Hetty 1828
Amick, George W. Amick, Mary Ellen 1913
Amick, Stanley Amick, Mary C. 1916
Anders, Jane Anders, David 1833
Anderson, Alice F. Anderson, Axel, W. 1889
Anderson, Margaret Anderson, Thomas 1848
Anderson, Margaret Anderson, Thomas 1849
Anderson, Thomas Anderson, Margaret 1845
Archer, Mary Archer, Walter H. 1897
Armitage, Mary Armitage, James 1820
Arnold, Clark Arnold, Joanna 1916
Askum, Elizabeth Askum, John 1813
Badgely, Hester Badgely, Martin 1892
Bagley, Etta M. Bagley, James H. 1917
Baker - See also Bruner, Margaret

Baker, Annie S. Baker, Henry S. 1914
Baker, Joseph Baker, Sarah Hammon 1889
Baker, Joseph Baker, Sarah Hammon 1890
Baker, Mary Baker, Albert P. 1882
Barber, Christopher C.C. Bar, Elsie May 1919
Barkman, Hezekiah Barkman, Naomi Catharine 1868
Barrick, Elenor Barrick, John 1826
Barritz, Sarah Ann Barritz, Jacob F. 1877
Bartgis, George Bartgis, Annie E. 1897
Baylor, Minnie M. Baylor, Harry C. 1920
Beall, Mary C. Beall, Lemuel J. 1910
Beaner, Clara May Beaner, Nicholas E. 1914
Beard, Catharine Beard, Michael 1812
Beck, Jane Beck, Joseph F. 1896
Beckley, John Beckley, Susan B. 1890
Beegle, Effie M. Beegle, G. Frank 1912
Beegle, Mary C. Beegle, Edward R. 1916
Beltz, Sylvia Beltz, Adam 1908
Beltz, Sylvia Beltz, Adam 1909
Bender, Mary A.E. Bender, Gilbert J. 1910
Bender, Nancy Bender, Gabriel 1882
Bender, Nancy Bender, Gabriel 1883
Benjamin, Elizabeth Benjamin, John 1841
Benna, Frederick C. Benna, Mana D. 1859
Berkheimer, John A. Berkheimer, Mary Jane 1885
Berkstresser, Mary Berkstresser, Wilber 1894
Besore, Catharine Besore, Michael 1843
Bisel, Mollie L. Bisel, Harry 1917
Bishop, Rachel Bishop, Thomas R. 1892
Bishop, Rachel Bishop, Thomas R. 1893
Bivens, Maurice C. Bivens, Bessie O. 1911
Black, Virginia Lauretta Black, David W. 1916
Blackburn - See also Blackshire, Mary

Blackburn, Emily Blackburn, Joseph C. 1869
Blackburn, John G. Blackburn, Mary Alice 1878
Blackburn, Susan Blackburn, Jospeh 1859
Blackshire, Mary Blackburn, David alias Blackshire 1818
Blake, Charles T. Blake, Margaret 1858
Blankley, George Blankley, Rebecca 1819
Blankley, Mary Etta Blankley, Benjamin F. 1919
Bloom, William Henry Bloom, Mary 1919
Boher, Samuel Boher, Elizabeth 1875
Bonnett, Issac Bonnett, Elizabeth 1805
Bookhamer, Charles H. Bookhamer, Nettie 1903
Boor, Hannah Boor, Martin 1843
Boor, Minnie Boor, Samuel 1915
Boor, W.A. Boor, Malinda 1876
Boor, W.A. Boor, Malinda 1877
Border, Amelia Border, Daniel 1857
Bouser, Alexander Bouser, Esther Sarah 1907
Bouser, Barbara E. Bouser, Emanuel 1914
Bowden, Fannie B. Bowden, Warren B 1895
Bowers, Annie B. Bowers, John H 1900
Bowkley, Elsie May Bowkley, George Nelson 1916
Bowlin, Andrew Bolin, Sarah Ann Ruth 1831
Bowman, Eve Bowman, Joseph 1861
Bowman, Joseph Bowman, Eve 1860
Bowman, Joseph Bowman, Eve 1862
Bowman, Meals Bowman, Mollie 1906
Bowser, George W. Bowser, Harrett 1876
Bowser, Jacob, U. Bowser, Mary C 1894
Bowser, Jacob, U. Bowser, Mary C. 1895
Brallier, Emeline Brallier, Francis M. 1889
Brant, Edward R. Brant, Mary C. 1918
Brant, Effie Brant, Henry Jacob 1907
Brantner, J.E. Brantner, Myrtle M. 1903
Brenneman, Peter Brenneman, Mary 1845
Bridenthal, Kenturah Bridenthal, Harrison 1863
Bridenthal, Kenturah Bridenthal, Harrison 1864
Brubaker, Margaret Brubaker, George W. 1866
Bruner, Jacob L. Bruner, Catharine 1875
Bruner, Margaret Baker, Andrew J. alias Job Edward 1873
Bruner, Margaret Baker, Andrew J. alias Job Edward 1874
Bryant, Bert Bryant, Daisy 1902
Bulger, Margaret Bulger, Daniel B. 1864
Burket, Jacob Burket, Emma 1891
Burket, Jacob Burket, Emma 1892
Burket, Jacob Burket, Emma 1904
Burket, Mary S. Burket, Samuel C. 1889
Burkett, Catharine A. Burkett, Orean B. 1915
Burley, Mary Ann Burley, Thomas 1889
Burnett, Susannah Burnett, Jeremiah 1839
Bush, Charles Bush, Rachel 1868
Buskey, Jennie M. Buskey, David J. 1912