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The mission of the Bedford County Historical Society is to document, preserve, protect and promote the history and heritage of Bedford County, Pennsylvania.

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Exhibits and Programs

The Bedford Counnty Historical Society has many exhibits, both permanent and rotating, that are on display in our museum. They are available for viewing to our members and to the public free of charge.

We have also have exhibits and programs that are available to loan for educational purposes. We take educational materials to schools in the county and make presentations on various topics of interest. Programs are available for senior citizens, civil groups, organizations such as the Rotary Club, Lions, churches and Scouts. Please contact us if you are interested in taking advantage of one of our educational programs.

Civil War Exhibit

This exhibit includes many items about and from Bedford County natives.

Anderson Family History Board Bullet in a Piece of Wood Bullets and Buckel Civil War Documents Civil War Items Civil War Swords

The Treaty of Albany 1754

In July 1754, agents representing the Penn family traveled to Albany, New York. This was the site of a Congress ordered by the British Board of Trade to negotiate a new peace treaty with the Indians and to discuss matters of importance to the colonies.

Three historical interpreters present a discussion about the Juniata Valley and "becoming Pennsylvanians." You'll hear from John Frazier, a trader, gunmaker, and blacksmith; Anne Baxter Drenning, the wife of Bedford County's first judge; and a coureurs de bois, a runner of the woods.

Anne Baxter Drenning Coureurs de Bois John Frazier

On the left is Anne Baxter Drenning portrayed by Jennie Cejka. In the center is a coureurs de bois portrayed by Ben Tresselt. On the right is John Frazier portrayed by Chuck Davis.