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The mission of the Bedford County Historical Society is to preserve, protect and document the history of Bedford County for future generations, as well as educate the public concerning the same.

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If you have memorabilia associated with the Civil War, please contact us about donating a copy to the Historical Society.

Bedford County 138th Civil War Flag

This flag is a reproduction of the 138th regimental flag from the Civil War. Descendants of the men from that regiment paid to have the flag reproduced.

Civil War Information

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Civil War news from the Bedford Gazette, June 12, 1863

Civil War soldiers buried at the Bedford Cemetery

Civil War soldiers buried at the Everett Cemetery

James Madison Nevitt Papers - His photo, a photo of his grave marker, and transcripts of letters he wrote home while in the army during the Civil War.

John Love, USCT, Obituary

Nimrod Warren, USCT, Obituary - Also has excerpts from will that emancipated him from slavery.

Roster - 138th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry - Men from Bedford County who served in Companies D, E, and F of this regiment.

USCT Soldiers - Men who served in the United States Colored Troops during the Civil War and were either from Bedford County or moved here afterward and may have been buried in a grave in Bedford County.

Other items, like “Exemption Records”, can be found under Genealogy Research in the Menu.