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the future looks to us.”

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The mission of the Bedford County Historical Society is to preserve, protect and document the history of Bedford County for future generations, as well as educate the public concerning the same.

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Due to the Covid 19 virus, BCHS will be closed on Mondays until further notice.

Gloria Blakely of Martinsburg, right pulls winning ticket for the Bedford County Historical Society' Gun Raffle on Tuesday alongside Gillian Leach, executive director of the society.

Carol Showalter of Everett was selected as the winner and will have her choice between two re-production antique firearms; both are valued at $1500.00.

Gun Raffle ticket

Bedford County celebrated its 250th anniversary on Tuesday with a ceremony outside the courthouse.

A small crowd gathered to listen to speeches from local historian Larry Smith and Senior Judge Thomas Ling, as well as a blessing on the Sesterentennial year from Rev. Martin Wickens of the Bedford Bible Church.

The ceremony was intended as a `kick off` to other events from the Bedford County Historical Society to celebrate the anniversary this year.

By Will Dishong

Larry and Bill.

Larry Smith(chair of the `Bedford County 250`) and behind him is Bill Mock.

Eternal Flame

'Eternal Flame' will burn beginning March 9th, 2021 until November. Bill donated the flame in memory of his wife Mary Alice.

Historian Of The Year Poster