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The mission of the Bedford County Historical Society is to preserve, protect and document the history of Bedford County for future generations, as well as educate the public concerning the same.

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The Bedford County Historical Society will be holding an `Open House` on Saturday April 15 2023 from 10am until 4pm.

For the past 13 years Bill Bowser had been working on all of the original warrant and patent lands in Bedford County and has produced a map of these originals for each township and borough. He began while doing family research on the Dutch Corner area for his 6 great grandfather (John Bowser) property location.

Bill will be giving 2 talks one at 11:00 until 11:30am to include questions and answers and again from 2:00 until 2:30pm

If you have any maps, surveys or records for the original warrants, patents and sheepskins that you wish to have checked the society invites you come in and Bill will see if he can help you with locations to find these areas. Bill has been working on these township and borough maps for the last 13 years and has them almost all completed. If you have problems with your land titles or just wish to share them we invite to bring them in to look at.

There were several ways that land was give out in the early records here in Bedford County. Tax records indicate whether they were issued on location; improvement; warrant, or patent. There were very few deeds at this time. A warrant is a document which gives a person the right to receive specific property, or right to survey. A patent (land) is the first deed to a piece of land from the government. Until the patent land is sold NO deed is issued for the sale of this property and can continue to be held by a family forever. Mr. Gerald Yoder was the Register & Recorder here in Bedford County and told the story about the Pennsylvania Turnpike. The state had to purchase the land from the owners and to prove ownership, the original patents (sheep skins) were brought into the courthouse in Bedford because the land belong to the original purchaser and never been sold.

We invite the public if you have any original warrant or patent maps and are interested in finding the location of these original land locations.

Light refreshments will be served.


The Bedford County Historical Society, Committee for Historian of the Year selected Jeffery Whetstone, of Everett for 2022. Over the years, he has offered Guide Tours to highlight historic locations in and around Everett, shared his knowledge of local artifacts and was a resource for those seeking knowledge of Bedford County history. In 2022, he has published several articles in the newsletters for the society`s `Pioneer`.

In 2004, he co-authored the book `From Winchester to Bloody Run` along with Steve Hollingshead, an invaluable resource of local Civil War history.

Jeff is long overdue the recognition and distinction that affords a historian of his caliber. His diligence in historic preservation has been a mainstay in our county over the years. He will receive his award at our annual banquet to be held on Saturday, April 22, 2023.

Click on the picture below to find more information on purchasing the book `From Winchester to Bloody Run`.

From Winchester to Bloody Run
by Steve Hollingshead and Jeffrey Whetstone


History Award

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