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The mission of the Bedford County Historical Society is to preserve, protect and document the history of Bedford County for future generations, as well as educate the public concerning the same.

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Our newest book:

Braddock's Road

Thank you John Hollick (author) for donating these new books to BCHS.

Only FIVE remaining!!!!

In May of 1755 British General Edward Braddock with an army of approximately 2200 men, wagons, artillery and pack horses began cutting a road approximately twelve feet wide through the wilderness from Ft. Cumberland in Maryland to Fort Duquesne (present day Pittsburgh, PA), a distance of approximately 116 miles. On July 9, he reached as far as Braddock, PA when he was attacked by a smaller force over the road to Fort Cumberland. Braddock was wounded in the battle and died on the way back, being buried in the road near Chalk Hill, PA.

During August 1908, John Kennedy Lacock (1871-1933), who became an authority on the Braddock Road, conducted a party of seven over the road. His photographer, E.K. Weller took photos of the road and important nearby features. Photographs and engravings were published by E.K. Weller in 1910 as a set of sixty postcards. The objective of John A. Hillock, the author of this book is to identify and present the locations of the postcards as best as possible and duplicate the views with a modern camera, thereby showing the reader what the remains of the Braddock Road and significant landmarks look like today as compared to 1908.

Hopefully, Mr. Hollick will take the reader back in time to see the road through Lacock`s eyes and in some respect Braddocks`.

Price: $49.95 + $10.00 shipping and handling within the continental United States.